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Recent Works

Liz Blizzard's work is full of movement, visual rhythms, and of course colour. The colour is strikingly vibrant and often primary pure. Her marks float across the canvas or paper as if they are part of some spiritual dance. Her work is improvisational. Like music, Liz's daubs of colour form visual sounds and pauses that make us experience landscape afresh. Her landscape is a vehicle, a metaphor for her body, eyes and hand to improvise around, to invent marks, shapes and flows of paint. Her paintings are emotional responses to what she observes, knows and feels. Each painting is a journey into a landscape at once familiar and new; it's new to her as it comes into being. We discover her journey as it becomes ours through the process of engaging with it. Liz's landscapes heave with exuberance of brilliant colour harmonies. Her landscapes lead us into the great distances of Australia. Land and water forms of mystical proportions, where enery and imagination combine in a visual dance.

Vic Majner. 1998


I have long been fascinated by the landscape. I feel that the Australian landscape has incredible energy, which I endeavour to convey in my work. I taught drawing and painting for many years at the University of Ballarat, and was involved with field trips to the Flinders Ranges and Arkaroola. I have traveled extensively around Australia, and have lately been inspired by the You Yangs from Mt. Blackwood, and water reflections on the bay. LB 2006


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