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The works included on the website are a selection of my paintings from the 70’s until now.

A Woman's Place
This series of work 1989-1990, [all approx. 125cm x 170cm] was a response to how I felt women were often perceived by men. I ‘borrowed from the past’: by referring to poses of women painted by the ‘old masters’: because I wanted the poses to seem familiar; and, also, because if people recognise the poses, they may possibly consider how long it is that women have been seen in this way. It was important to use myself as a model. I wanted to paint my thoughts, not another woman telling the story. They are not self portraits. In most cases, the women are staring at the viewer defiantly, so that maybe a sense of unease is felt by the viewer. I enjoyed the element of humour in the titles.
Acrylic Pastel Paper

These works include the Australian landscape [central Australia, Arkaroola, Lake Eyre, the You Yangs etc], and some paintings after the trip I did to Vladivostok – seeing the scientist Victor Yudin attempting to save the Siberian Tiger from extinction.

Figurative Expressive
My expressive abstract paintings are personal explorations - some of which are about ageing, death and my mother’s advancing Alzheimer’s disease.
Fire Series
In 1983, a bushfire destroyed our studios and work-sheds at home. We managed, as a family, to save the house, [which was on fire too] under terrifying circumstances. These works are a response to the fires.
Pedestal Series
These works deal with ideas about the pressure on women to remain ‘young and beautiful’. Woman1 and Woman2 are two of five large charcoal drawings [96cm x 68cm] which are meant to hang close together on the wall - very confronting, as the woman [me, but I don't think of them as self-portraits] is looking directly at the viewer.
Portrait Series
At times, I paint portraits. All are very different - for example, the portrait of Peter and Sue Blizzard-Allen is very large and dramatic, portraying them as larger than life operatic singers. The portrait of Peter Blizzard just happens to have me in it.
Tuscany Series
These works were painted during and after time spent in Tuscany with my daughter Tonya. The colours of Autumn were fabulous – the shimmering reds, yellows and oranges, the patterns of the olive groves and grape-vines…the golden distance that goes forever.

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