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Artist's Statement

My sculpture is an ongoing investigation into ideas and responses to nature, the environment, landscape and about the relationship of nature to the human spirit and culture; ideas about the fragility of nature and the spirit of the land, and how we should respect and venerate what we have. In making my work, I use symbols that I have invented, combined with those derived from existing recognisable symbols that exist in many cultures throughout the world. I use all these images to emphasise ideas and emotions I feel about the fragility and preciousness of nature and the Australian environment.

Over the last years, I have been working on sculpture I call Totems, Altars, Shrines and Tabernacles. This is part of an ongoing personal investigation and an attempt to express my thoughts and emotional responses through my art - the effect that grandeur, colour, light, texture, and forms within the landscape, have on the well-being of the inner human spirit. In an endeavour to achieve some understanding about my thoughts, I often take a natural stone, or stones - of a particular colour or form -from the landscape. I then place it on, or in, my symbolic totem, shrine, altar or tabernacle structure, in such a position to suggest to the viewer that a particular stone or rock has significance or relevance. In doing so, I am expressing my thoughts about the spirit of the land.



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